Julia Roberts Teaches Her Kids a Very Important Lesson About Beauty

Julia Roberts, recently named People's 2017 World's Most Beautiful Woman, teaches her kids, Henry, Hazel and Phinnaeus the meaning of beauty in the be... Read More »

Sephora Will Soon Be Offering Free Beauty Classes for People Undergoing Chemo

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This Salon Will Be NYC's First-Ever Female Only Beauty Parlor to Cater to Clients in Hijab

Scheduled to make its grand opening on Sunday, January 29, in Brooklyn, N.Y., Le'Jemalik Salon & Boutique will officially become "the city's first fe... Read More »

Caitlyn Jenner's MAC Collection Champions Inclusivity in the Best Way

Less than a year after the release of her "Finally Free" MAC lipstick shade for the Viva Glam collection — a beauty product whose proceeds went ent... Read More »

Vlogger With Cystic Hygroma Educates Us On What Real Beauty Is

Beauty Vlogger Marimar Quiroa is determined to educate her viewers. But it's not just with tips and tricks on perfect contouring that drives the 21 y... Read More »

Why More Makeup Means Better Pay for Women

By Jillian Kramer It's not fair, but we've long known that people who are perceived as more attractive make more money. New research shows, however,... Read More »

You Will Never Guess Which MAKER Is Jennifer Aniston's Beauty Icon

Jennifer Aniston was recently named People magazine's Most Beautiful Woman in the World. In her interview, Aniston talks about her diet and newfound... Read More »

Meet Katie Meade, the First Model with Down Syndrome to Star as the Face of a Beauty Campaign

By Krystin Arneson In news we love, Katie Meade, a model who has Down syndrome, is the new face of Beauty & Pin-Ups, a haircare line. And it's pretty... Read More »

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#MadeByMAKERS: Female Beauty Makers

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Model Ashley Graham Makes History at NYFW

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