Birth Control

You Need to Know About Colorado's Family Planning Initiative

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Report: US Could Save $12B Annually If Women Had Access to Most Effective Birth Control

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Hollywood Remembers Mary Tyler Moore As a Female Force of Change

Beloved TV icon Mary Tyler Moore died on Wednesday at the age of 80 after being hospitalized in Connecticut. "Today, beloved icon, Mary Tyler Moore,... Read More »

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte Plans By 2018 To Provide All Poor Women Access to Contraception

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte just signed an executive order that implements long-languishing legislation known as the Responsible Parenthood a... Read More »

Women are Thanking Their Birth Control On Twitter, And It's Brilliant

On Wednesday, a chain of "Thank Yous" started spreading across Twitter, all using the same hashtag: #thxbirthcontrol. It’s part of an annual push by... Read More »

This Scientific Breakthrough Brings Us One Step Closer to a World With a Male Birth Control Pill

Can you imagine a world in which a man's sperm can be "switched off" in order to prevent it from swimming? A world in which men can take a contracepti... Read More »

This Website Lets You Compare 17 Birth Control Methods

From assessing the costs to weighing the risks, choosing a birth control method can feel totally overwhelming. In fact, a lot of women don't even know... Read More »

The Courts are Still Arguing Over Birth Control — Here's What to Know Now

By Hillary Kelly The Supreme Court came to the decision today to…not make any decision at all. After hearing the case of Zubik v. Burwell back in... Read More »

Women in California Can Now Get Birth Control Without a Prescription

By Maggie Mallon California legislators recently announced that a new law allowing women to access birth control without a doctor's prescription has... Read More »