Equal Pay Day

Don't Think You Can Do Anything to Help for Equal Pay Day? Think Again

This year, April 4 marks Equal Pay Day — a day recognized annually that "symbolizes how far into the year women must work to earn what men earned... Read More »

How Does Equal Pay Day Affect You?

By Caroline Ghosn Equal Pay Day is a day that affects every single one of us. Did you know that due to the wage gap, in 2014, we women worked for fr... Read More »

5 Headlines You Won't See On Equal Pay Day

Unlike celebratory holidays like National Pet Day and National Sibling Day, today's Equal Pay Day is anything but cause for celebration, especially si... Read More »

Watch President Obama Speak Live at Newly Designated Monument On Equal Pay Day

Today marks Equal Pay Day, a date that symbolizes how far into the year women have to work to earn what men have typically earned in the past year. U... Read More »

Oprah, Gloria Steinem and More Talk Experience with Unequal Pay

"Every society, including our own for all its movement, has always depended on the unpaid labor of women." -Marie Wilson Even some of the most promin... Read More »

The History of Equal Pay Day and Why You Should #Ask4more

By Erica Murphy The history of Equal Pay Day in one image. And to learn about Levo’s week-long #ask4more campaign and how you can participate in t... Read More »

Why “John” Still Gets More Jobs Than “Jennifer” (Yes, in 2015)

By Noelle Howey We'd all like to think—while, say, binge watching old Mad Men episodes—that a certain brand of unapologetic, in-your-face chauvinism... Read More »

Breaking Down the Wage Gap on Equal Pay Day

Women's rights have come a long way, but what we can't forget is that on average, women still only make .77 cents on the dollar for every dollar that... Read More »

President Obama Plans Two Executive Orders to Boost Equal Pay for Women

For Equal Pay Day, the day on the year's calendar that marks the approximate extra time the average American woman would need to earn as much as the a... Read More »

Equal Pay Day: Continuing Lilly Ledbetter's Fight

Today, April 9, 2013, is National Equal Pay Day, created in 2006 to help raise awareness of the wage gap. The day reflects how far into the current ye... Read More »