Being an Older Mom Might Actually Make You a Better Parent, New Research Finds

If anybody ever warns you about your "biological clock ticking," tell them to banish that phrase from their vocabulary, then show them a new Danish st... Read More »

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Celebrate the Holidays With MAKERS Family Moments

Vivian Stringer grew up in a coal mining community. When her parents were struggling and couldn’t afford coal to keep them warm, the family would wa... Read More »

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Why China Is Ending Its One-Child Policy

For decades, China has restricted most urban couples' abilities to have more than one child, enforcing the law with fines and even forced abortions an... Read More »

Tyrese Gibson Talks About Teaching His Daughter Self-Love

AOL's BUILD series hosted a discussion Wednesday with Grammy-nominated R&B singer, songwriter, actor, and author, Tyrese Gibson, at AOL headquarters... Read More »

3 Influential Men On the Power of Their Mothers

This year, to celebrate Mother's Day, we're sharing excerpts from interviews conducted by author Suzanne Pollak, who is currently writing a book about... Read More »