Meet the 82-Year-Old DJ Taking the Tokyo Club Scene By Storm

Tokyo sensation "DJ Sumirock," also known as Sumiko Iwamuro, is an 82-year-old Japanese DJ. That's right. Opening her monthly set with the theme to a... Read More »

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Japan's First Self-Made Female Billionaire Defied Japanese Culture

Eighty-two-year-old Yoshiko Shinohara just became Japan's first self-made female billionaire, Forbes reports. Founding a temp-staffing company in her... Read More »

Caroline Kennedy Has Empowered Women as Japan's First Female US Ambassador

Ambassador Caroline Kennedy — daughter of former President John F. Kennedy — will depart from Japan next week after three years of diplomacy. In... Read More »

Sushi Rolls Come Before Gender Roles in the First All-Female Chef Restaurant in Japan

"Sushi rolls not gender roles" takes on a literal meaning at this sushi restaurant run by all women in Tokyo's electric city district. Nestled among... Read More »