Makers Conference

Kweilin Ellingrud Discusses the Power of Parity; Gives Business Case for Gender Equality

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Scaling the Peak BOLDLY: Joanna Barsh Presents Women's Leadership Stats

Joanna Barsh, Director Emerita of McKinsey & Company, walked the audience through the latest data on women’s leadership at The 2017 MAKERS Conferenc... Read More »

The Best Quotes From The 2017 MAKERS Conference That Will Inspire You to #BEBOLD

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The 2017 MAKERS Conference: Leanne Pittsford

Leanne Pittsford, Founder & CEO of Lesbians Who Tech, TechUP &, speaks at The 2017 MAKERS Conference. NEXT: The 2017 MAKERS Conference: Le... Read More »

The 2017 MAKERS Conference: Jimmy Lopez Receives First "MAKERS Dad of the Year" Award

Kristina Duncan, VP of Global Marketing Communications at Barbie, calls on Matt Repicky, Head of Global Brand Marketing and Partnerships at Barbie, to... Read More »

The 2017 MAKERS Conference: The Mask You Live In

Pointing out how stereotypes and media representations affect our society, this video from The Representation Project was presented by the organizatio... Read More »

The 2017 MAKERS Conference: Russell Wilson & Little Future

This video of Russell Wilson and stepson Little Future made its way to The 2017 MAKERS Conference. NEXT: Watch The 2017 MAKERS Conference Welcome Vid... Read More »

The 2017 MAKERS Conference: Excerpt From "MAKERS: Women Who Make America"

Check out highlights from "MAKERS: Women Who Make America," a documentary narrated by Meryl Streep, that was showcased at The 2017 MAKERS Conference i... Read More »

The 2017 MAKERS Conference: Spark Talk

Denice Ross, Public Interest Technology Fellow of New America, and Kelly X. Jin, Director of Data-Driven Justice at the Laura and John Arnold Foundati... Read More »

The 2017 MAKERS Conference: BOLD Initiatives Panel

Shelley Zalis, Chief Executive Officer of The Female Quotient and Creator of The Girls’ Lounge, speaks with Anna Patterson, VP of Engineering, Artif... Read More »