Indiana University Is No Longer Admitting Incoming Athletes With Histories of Sexual or Domestic Violence

Indiana University Bloomington just adopted a new policy that is banning incoming student athletes with histories of sexual or domestic violence into... Read More »

Samantha Bee Creates "Full Frontal" Video for Women's Victory Passing Rape Kit Bill

On Wednesday, Samantha Bee aired a "Full Frontal" segment on the just-passed bill that allows the thousands of rape kits that were "sitting untested i... Read More »

Joe Biden Wants You to Watch This PSA About Consent to Kick Off Sexual Assault Awareness Month

Former Vice President Joe Biden tweeted out a PSA on Tuesday, asking us to revisit the definition of consent. Biden, who is known for his work to end... Read More »

Memorable Quotes From Margaret Cho's Speech at LGBTQ Event, TrevorLIVE

The Trevor Project's annual TrevorLIVE event raises funds for the organization's mission to help LGBT youth in crisis. Held in Los Angeles on Tuesday... Read More »

Oxford University Is Making Consent Classes Mandatory

Oxford University just took an important step toward fighting rape culture on campus: The school is making it mandatory for freshmen to take a worksho... Read More »

Will California End Its Statute of Limitations On Sexual Assault?

Following the verdict of the Stanford rape case, in which swimmer Brock Turner — convicted of raping a fellow classmate while she was unconscious â€... Read More »

Twitter Is Apparently OK with Rape Threats Toward Women

Twitter trolling, the catcalling of the Internet, is an issue that many women have had to deal with — so much so that last year Rep. Katherine Clark... Read More »

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Obama and Biden Will Not Visit Campuses That Fail to Tackle Sexual Assault

According to recent reports, President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden are no longer visiting colleges and universities that fail to address... Read More »

Zendaya Just Shut Down Someone Who Made an Insensitive Rape Comment On Twitter

By Krystin Arneson Zendaya made headlines recently when she shut down a Twitter user for making an inappropriate rape comment about her, Beyoncé, N... Read More »

Channing Tatum Is As Upset About the Stanford Rape Case As You Are

We've been finding out a lot about Channing Tatum recently (notably about his sex life with wife Jenna Dewan Tatum but also that he's the ultimate ped... Read More »