Saudi Arabia

All-Male 'Girls Council' Takes Stage for the First Time, Showcasing 13 Men

Saudi Arabia, a country that ranks near the bottom of global surveys on gender rights, showed a glimmer of hope when the governor of Qassim province a... Read More »

Saudi Prince Wants Women Behind the Wheel

"Preventing a woman from driving a car is today an issue of rights similar to the one that forbade her from receiving an education or having an indepe... Read More »

Viral Videos Reveal the Tragic Truth of Male Guardianship in Saudi Arabia

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Saudi Arabian Women Are Using Bumper Cars to Drive and It's Awesome

In a nation where women cannot drive, bumper cars have become an exciting alternative. According to a recent feature in the Wall Street Journal, some... Read More »

The 'Rosa Parks of Saudi Arabia' Wants to End Racism and Sexism in the Best Way

Ever since the event for Saudi's National Day was held in 2013, Nawal al-Hawsawi — or the "Rosa Parks" of Saudi Arabia — has fought for equali... Read More »

Uber Signs $3.5B Deal with Country that Prohibits Female Drivers

Founded in 2008 by Travis Kalanick and Garrett Camp, Uber has quickly taken over the world and driven (pun intended) competition through the roof. Wi... Read More »

You Won't Believe Where This All-Women Flight Crew Landed

We are celebrating Women of Aviation Worldwide Week with the extraordinary story of an all-female crew landing a plane in a nation where women cannot... Read More »

Saudi Arabia Elects Women to Local Government for the First Time

By Jillian Kramer In Saudi Arabia's first-ever municipal election to allow female participation, at least 17 women — and possibly as many as 20 â... Read More »

Women in Saudi Arabia Register to Vote for First Time in History

For the first time in history, women in Saudi Arabia are registering to vote in the national elections. This moment marks a pivotal move toward a mor... Read More »

How Princess Reema Is Changing Life for Women In Saudi Arabia

Princess Reema bint Bandar Al Saud, a 40-year-old entrepreneur, social activist, former CEO, and single mother, is opening doors for women in Saudi A... Read More »