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Adobe Expands Maternity Leave to 26 Weeks

Last week, media provider Netflix took charge of its leave policies, extending its maternity and paternity leave time to "unlimited" during a newborn'... Read More »

5 Groundbreaking Female Scientists You Need to Know

As the third season of Showtime gem "Masters of Sex" premieres on Sunday, Bill Masters and Virginia Johnson are gearing up to publish the sexology tom... Read More »

You've Got Mail: Study Reveals How Men and Women Email

According to a recent Yahoo! labs email study, men and women have slightly different strategies for communication. Researchers looked at 16 billion e... Read More »

This Is Your Brain "On Princess"

GoldieBlox, a toy company whose mission is to "get girls building," has produced a witty video,"This is Your Brain on Engineering." In this video, we... Read More »

Tiffany Shlain and The Science of Character

"So what determines your character? You do. And all the people around you... And of course some genetics, too." Filmmaker Tiffany Shlain directed thi... Read More »

New MAKER: Louann Brizendine

  Do men and women think differently? This is the question answered by neuropsychiatrist and author, Louann Brizendine. Her work on relationship dyn... Read More »

New MAKER: Robyn Beavers

  Robyn Beavers is a pioneer, and in more ways than one. As a civil engineer who focuses on sustainability and renewable energy, Robyn Beavers has b... Read More »