Get Ready for Apple's New Women Focused Features

We might be one step closer to getting Apple's Eve. During this year's Apple World Wide Developer's Conference (WWDC), two exciting features were ann... Read More »

Randi Zuckerberg Set to Host "American Dreams" to Attract Millennial Women to Tech

Stealing a little bit of her brother's spotlight this month, former Facebook executive Randi Zuckerberg (Mark Zuckerberg's sister) has been recruited... Read More »

Finally! Google Proposes 13 New Career-Driven Female Emojis

It seems like Jane Fonda might finally get her wish for more feminist emoji. On Tuesday, Google introduced a proposal to Unicode Consortium, the emoji... Read More »

Ellen Pao's Next Venture Takes Aim at Silicon Valley's Old Boys' Club

By Maya Kosoff In 2015, Ellen Pao took her former employer, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, to court and sued the venture-capital firm for allegat... Read More »

Can Tech Companies Fix the Gender Gap?

By Meredith Lepore Way to go tech companies. For Equal Pay Day (#ask4more!) this week tech companies enclosed employee salary reports and major tech... Read More »

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This Place Holds the Most Startups Founded by Women

Sure, Brooklyn has acquired a reputation for having its share of hipsters, craft brews, and brownstones. But according to a recent finding by CrunchBa... Read More »

Sally Ride, a Complete Heroine

No one on earth — or in space — could have created a more complete heroine than Sally Ride.   She came from a family of strong and barrier-brea... Read More »