The New LEGO NASA Women Feature MAKERS Katherine Johnson, Margaret Hamilton, Mae Jemison, and More

After months of excitement about the award-winning "Hidden Figures" movie, Katherine Johnson has, yet again, made it into the spotlight — just in t... Read More »

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Why Do Girls Love Dolls That Look Like Them?

Inspired by this piece about one writer's emotional attachment to her American Girl dolls, we got to thinking about how and why girls choose the dolls... Read More »

Study Finds That "Gendered" Toys Can Keep Girls From Careers in STEM

A recent study by the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) has revealed that "toys with a science, technology, engineering and math (ST... Read More »

Meet Keleshe: The New Doll With Natural Hair

If there was one thing mother Mushiya Tshikuka was most tired of, it was being unable to find dolls for her daughters, despite the number of them in... Read More »

This "If I Were A Toy" Ad Is Defying Gender Roles

In a new English toy company ad, a young boy was featured doing more than playing football or video games. The commercial features a boy dressed up a... Read More »

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New Barbie Dolls Are Inspiring Girls To Be the Best Versions of Themselves

Barbie has been making headlines recently with the ongoing creation of new dolls intended to show girls that they can be who they are and aspire to be... Read More »