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UN Women's #StopTheRobbery Campaign Aims to Close the Gender Pay Gap

There is a 23 percent global gender pay gap, and UN Women are ready for combat with their new campaign: #StopTheRobbery. The women's organization cre... Read More »

Emma Watson Helps Advocate to End Child Marriages

Just one day before the International Day of the Girl, Emma Watson, Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations, traveled to Malawi to discuss the effe... Read More »

UN Women Working With Haitian Government to Send Hurricane Relief to Women and Girls

"Women's needs and voices often remain unheard in humanitarian emergencies, but that inevitably delays the recovery process," U.N. Women's Haiti Repre... Read More »

When it Comes to Peacemaking, Where Are the Women?

Seeing that war impacts women significantly, it's interesting to wonder why haven't more women been a larger part of peace agreements. Out of 585 pea... Read More »

Uber Pledges to Create One Million Jobs for Women

On Monday, fast-growing ride-hailing app Uber announced that it plans to provide one million jobs to women around the world by 2020. Currently, 14 per... Read More »

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