Celebrating World Teachers' Day

There's no better time than World Teachers' Day to highlight some of the greatest lessons we've learned from our MAKERS who are champions in their field of education.

From education reformer Michelle Rhee, to the founder and CEO of Teach for America Wendy Kopp, to educator Dena Simmons, here are some shiny bits of wisdom that we could all learn from.

"If you pursue something — not something that you think is the right path, or something someone else wants you to do, or something that makes you a lot of money — but something that you feel passionate about, then all the rest of those things will fall into place." —Michelle Rhee

"I would be more confident, and I would be more fearless ... that's what I would tell 15-year-old Dena Simmons." —Dena Simmons

"Because this [education] problem is so universal, what that means is that the solutions are sharable." —Wendy Kopp

Learn more from great MAKERS making strides in education here.

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