Team USA Women Make History: Sweep Podium for 100-Meter Hurdle

In yet another amazing feat for women in the 2016 Summer Olympic Games, Team USA's three female 'trackletes' swept the podium of the 100-meter hurdles for the first time in history on Wednesday.

Brianna Rollins, who turns 25 years old today, gifted herself with a much deserved early birthday present by successfully clinching the gold medal and winning with a time of 12.48, just ahead of her partners Nia Ali (12.59) and Kristi Castlin (12.61).

"I know I won the gold, but I wanted to make sure that my other team-mates won a medal as well," Rollins told the press. "I’m just so grateful we were able to accomplish this together."

And it was certainly not just Rollins who was thrilled by the outcome. "To see Brianna with the gold and to look up and see Kristi with the bronze, it was great. For it to be with them, it's just the icing on the cake," Ali said.

Can someone say squad goals?

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Photo Credit: Franck Fife/AFP/Getty Images