Can Tech Companies Fix the Gender Gap?

By Meredith Lepore

Way to go tech companies. For Equal Pay Day (#ask4more!) this week tech companies enclosed employee salary reports and major tech companies including Facebook and Microsoft pay their male and female companies equally.

"If tech companies want to attract and retain the best talent and are going to move women into leadership roles that will make the companies more competitive, they need to pay men and women the same, and they need to be transparent about how they are doing that," said Natasha Lamb, a partner at Arjuna Capital. Arjuna filed shareholder proposals at a number of companies including Amazon and Apple in 2014 requesting them to release salary data.

However, we are not out of the woods yet, especially in tech. A new study from Hired found that 69 percent of the time, women were offered less money than men for the same role in tech. But women going in for entry-level positions in tech were offered 7 percent more than their male counterparts. The study's author said that increase was due to a higher demand for women among the companies surveyed. They found that younger women tended to ask for more money, but that was an atypical trait of most women surveyed.

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