TED Talks Asks: 'What Will You Tell Your Daughter About 2016?'

The year 2016 has been one full of emotions for everyone. It's been a history-making, monumental, overall exciting year. But as the year is slowly coming to an end, what will you tell your daughters about it?

In this TED Talks, Chinaka Hodge shares how to talk to your daughter about topics like racism, the election, gender equality, and the government.

"Tell your daughters of this year, how we woke needing coffee but discovered instead cadavers strewn about our morning papers, waterlogged facsimiles of our sisters, spouses, small children," Hodge begins. "Say to your baby of this year when she asks, as she certainly should, tell her it was too late coming. Admit even in the year we leased freedom, we didn't own it outright."

Hodge goes on to talk about how women weren’t just bridges or trinkets this year, but were strong, courageous survivors.

As the speech comes to an end, she says, "Your daughter, for whom you have already carried so much, wants to know what you brought, what gift, what light did you keep from extinction? When they came for victims in the night, did you sleep through it or were you roused? What was the cost of staying woke? What, in the year we said time's up, what did you do with your privilege?"

Watch the full talk in the video below.

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