Teenage Girl Creates Gender-Neutral, Buy-One, Give-One Period Product Company

At 19-years-old, Claire Coder dropped out of college to start her own business — a subscription period box service dedicated to providing much-needed products to any and all who menstruate.

Her business, which she named Aunt Flow, does just that. But it is not like any other menstrual hygiene product on the market, for several reasons.

1. It's not necessarily a company that sells "feminine" products, rather one that sells products for people on their periods
"We are the only gender-neutral tampon and pad company. Yes, there are humans who identify as male, but still menstruate."

2. For every 18 pieces purchased, 18 are given to an organization in need in the United States
"Aunt Flow is the only true buy-one, give-one company for tampons and pads... For every box of tampons and pads you buy... a box is delivered to one of our beneficiaries. Beneficiaries change every 30-90 days and subscribers have an option to change where their give-one box will go as well."

3. The products are body and environment friendly
"Our products are high-quality, 100 percent cotton, FDA regulated, hypoallergenic, and biodegradable. Can you believe that many name brand products are still bleached with chlorine... Our products have never caused TSS while many name brand products have been proven to cause TSS, ovarian cysts, and other reproductive health issues."

For these reasons, the "buy-one, give-one subscription box for 100 percent cotton tampons and pads" for $13 a month is entirely worth it. Because "If your period comes once a month, so should your menstrual products!"

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Photo Credit: matka_Wariatka via Getty Images