Terry Bradshaw Voices His Frustrations With the NFL's Domestic Violence Problem

Domestic violence among NFL players has been an ongoing problem.

Greg Hardy of the Dallas Cowboys is one of the most recent players to make headlines. While addressing this issue, Terry Bradshaw expressed his frustration with Hardy getting a pass on domestic violence, but is even more upset that the NFL continues to give them out to players. 

"Anybody, in my opinion, who lays a hand on a woman, I don't care who you are, my friend: You never come back in this league," Bradshaw said during the "Fox NFL Sunday" pre-game show. "I really, really seriously hope, eventually, we never have a place in the NFL for people who strike a woman."

The Huffington Post also reports that Bradshaw mentioned Jerry Jones, mocking his "desperation" to get a pass rusher and called him "an enabler himself."

Last year the NFL and the Canadian Football League expanded their personal conduct policy to include a "two strikes" penalty on domestic violence which entails a six-game suspension with no pay followed by a lifetime ban for any player who performs acts of domestic violence. 

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Photo Credit: Andrew H. Walker via Getty Images