The Best Feminist Memes From the Kavanaugh Hearing

The Best Feminist Memes From the Kavanaugh Hearing

By Paulina Cachero

Oct 1, 2018

Every day under the administration of president 45 seems like another episode of "The Handmaid's Tale"— but the Kavanaugh hearings takes the cake for a dramatic, cliffhanger season finale.

With echoes of the 1991 Anita Hill testimony, on Sept. 27, Dr. Christine Blasey Ford stood before the Senate Judiciary Committee to recount her allegations of sexual assault against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. While Dr. Ford gave a heroic testimony and proved herself to be credible in the eyes of many, the fate of women's rights hangs in the balance as the committee casts their votes on whether or not to recommend Judge Kavanaugh to the most powerful court in the country— scary, we know. (If you didn't tune into the hearings, you can check out all the highlights from our coverage here.)

But don't worry, even in such tumultuous times, we can always rely on the internet to make it seem like everything might just be okay— or at least give us something to laugh about. Here are the best feminist memes and moments that make us hopeful for the future:

MAKER Mazie Hirono called out men in the country and across the country to "shut up and step up" against the culture of sexual violence towards women.

Just like in the 1991 Anita Hill hearings, a village of women backed Dr. Christine Blasey Ford as she testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Sexual assault survivors Ana Maria Archila and Maria Gallagher bravely cornered Sen. Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.) after he announced he would vote to confirm Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. The Senator has since reversed his announcement, asking for an FBI investigation into Christine Blasey Ford's allegations.

Dr. Martin Luther King's youngest daughter reminds Americans to turn our anger about the state of our country into action, as her father did years ago.


Shout out to all the feMANists out there fighting the good fight.

And last, but definitely not least, thank you, Dr. Ford.

We know that it's been a hell of a week— but here's what you can do to turn your anger into action.

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