Why Being Called a 'Bloody Difficult Woman' Like Theresa May Is Actually a Good Thing

British conservative politician, Ken Clarke incited a Twitter storm yesterday after he called Theresa May — a favorite candidate for the position as the next British prime minister — a "bloody difficult woman."

Clarke, 76, was caught on camera saying to a former foreign minister, "Theresa is a bloody difficult woman but you and I worked for Margaret Thatcher. She won't be any more difficult than that."

We wonder why she would be "bloody difficult."

May is the longest serving British Home Secretary in more than a century. She has held the post, deemed one of the most difficult jobs in government, for seven years. Now Britain is heading for it's second-ever female Prime Minister after Margaret Thatcher and May is one of the two female candidates running in the race to be the next prime minister after David Cameron steps down. Cameron’s decision to resign came after the historic referendum decision calling on Britain to officially leave the European Union.

Women and men tweeted using #BloodyDifficultWoman to express their support for May and fire back against Clarke’s misogynistic comments. We collected a series of tweets that show why it’s actually a good idea to be a "bloody difficult woman."

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Photo Credit: Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images