These Are the Schools That Produce the Most Female Entrepreneurs

If you're a woman who wants to start a company that actually gets VC funding, there are two colleges you should try to go to.

According to data released Thursday from PitchBook, Stanford (undergrad) and Harvard Business School Stanford are where you ought to be. These schools have graduated the most VC-backed female entrepreneurs out of the top 20 schools for women founders that were analyzed in the study.

UPenn and UC Berkeley both nabbed the No. 2 spot with 104 VC-backed female entrepreneurs coming out of their respective programs. The data found that since 2010, 430 female alumnae from those four schools have launched 418 companies, (Gilt, Rent the Runway to name a few) and have raised more than $5.3 billion in total venture capital. To qualify for this list, a company must have at least one female founder who is an alum of the school’s undergrad or b-school program.

See the full list here.

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Photo Credit: Minerva Studio via Getty Images