These Are What Disney Princesses Could Look Like in 2017 Without the Affordable Care Act

As women's rights continue to make headlines, women around the globe are using inventive platforms to express themselves.

One illustrator in particular, Maritza Lugo, known as mindsaymohan on Instagram, uses her drawings, which stem from an original essay collaboration with Danielle Sepulveres, to voice her opinions.

"The most important outcome for the images is that people don't become desensitized by what's happening in American politics at the moment," Lugo told Forbes. "There is definitely a war being waged on women in this country, and these images shine a light on it."

With the Republican party working to dismantle the Affordable Care Act (ACA), Lugo seeks to shed light on the anxiety many women feel, hoping to use her illustrations to create a call to action for new audiences.

See some of the powerful images below:


In our final rendition of Disney Princesses VS. the GOP, we remember that last year we had Tiana getting her HPV vaccine in part to promote Cervical Cancer Awareness month. And to combat some of the fallacies that perpetuate about the vaccine itself, which include the idea that only girls should get it, it promotes sexual behavior, or that it’s ineffective. But this year there’s an even bigger issue at hand. And that’s Trump’s overall attitude towards vaccines. His insistence that vaccines cause autism has not waned, in spite of all scientific evidence to the contrary. Trump’s most recent claim is that there will be a better replacement to ACA which will be less expensive and available to everyone. Details of such a wonderful concept? There are none except the phrase that Americans will be “beautifully covered.” This sounds like what Beyoncé would describe as a "sweet dream or a beautiful nightmare" and we're guessing it's not the sweet dream. #disney #princesses #obamacare #tiana #standwithpp #aca #disneyprincess #vaccines #illustration #artwork #princessandthefrog #blacklivesmatter

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The animated Pocahontas film without a doubt presents an erroneous romanticized view of colonialism, kidnapping and sexual appropriation. And last summer Donald Trump kept condescendingly referring to Elizabeth Warren as Pocahontas because the Republicans demanded proof of her claimed Native American heritage. It's about time we talked about Native Americans and how they could be affected under a Trump presidency. All of Trump’s talk about immigrants and who belongs in this country would be comical if it wasn’t so tragic considering blemishes on American history like the Indian Removal Act of 1830. Beyond the troubling issue of what the future holds for the pipeline is healthcare overall for Native American groups. Did you know that they are not allocated the same level of federal health care as other people? But it’s likely to expect that Trump will parade into this unique area of healthcare like John Smith, plundering and damaging all the way through. After all, records indicate that John Smith described pre-teen Pocahontas as “nubile and sexy” which sounds like the 17th century version of “grab them by the pussy.” Words by the brilliant @daniellesep #standwithpp #dapl #illustration #disneyprincess #disney #pocahontas #fuckdonaldtrump #artwork #art #socialjustice #aca #obamacare

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Last night, while most of us slept, the Senate took it's major first steps in repealing Obamacare or the Affordable Care Act. This is not to be had. This is not to be tolerated. Millions of Americans like you & I depend on the ACA. Today, the New York Times wrote: "Republican leaders say they will work closely with Mr. Trump developing legislation to repeal and replace the health care law, but it is unclear exactly how his team will participate in that effort." We, as a nation, can not afford to lose the most accessible health care plan that we as a country have ever seen. We can't afford to see what Donald Trump's "plan" will be. Please call your representatives. Don't sit on the sidelines. #plannedparenthood #standwithpp #aca #illustration #maritzalugoart #disney #princesses #ariel #thelittlemermaid #artwork #art #disneyprincesses #fuckmitchmcconnell

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Belle was super happy to get birth control. As someone who was dependent on it, finding out she was denied her refill will only make Belle's life a little harder. Birth control helps women in so many ways and it isn't just for preventing pregnancy. Representative Kirsten Gillibrand was working hard to protect birth control while the GOP was trying to overturn #ACA. Slate published an article on this yesterday. The Senate voted to leave 55 million women without affordable birth control. No-copay birth control was a hallmark of ACA, allowing 55 million women to have more control over their bodies. Now insurance companies would no longer be required to cover contraceptives, and pregnancy would be considered a “pre-existing condition.” #standwithpp #plannedparenthood #beautyandthebeast #disney #disneyprincesses #illustration #socialjustice #maritzalugoart #artwork #belle #fucktrump

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Previously, we saw Aladdin & Jasmine happy & ready to start their family. This year, however, it's taken a dark tone. Why? Because Trump just nominated former U.S. Senator from Indiana Dan Coats for Director of National Intelligence and he’s just one of many Republicans who back strenuous measures against Planned Parenthood and restricting a women’s right to choose. Indiana is a state along with Louisiana and Texas that have been trying to sign into law a mandate that would essentially force women to provide funeral services for aborted tissue and miscarriages. So today’s illustration has to do with family planning and how we’re afraid it could be affected by this new administration, based on people like Mike Pence, Dan Coats, and honestly the entirety of the Texas GOP. Also considering that it’s Jasmine and Aladdin looking for some family planning? Here’s hoping they don’t have to deal with Trump’s Muslim registry first. . . Words by @daniellesep /drawing by yours truly. #disney #princess #aladdin #jasmine #familyplanning #plannedparenthood #fucktrump #illustration #artwork #awholenewrepublicanworld #maritzalugoart #standwithpp

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In revamping @daniellesep & my Disney Princess goes to the Gyno series, we had to think about a lot of things. Firstly, it's the GOP's war on women. With our incoming president-elect being a complete Neanderthal and bringing along a gaggle of idiots, it's only right that we start fighting back utilizing our god given talents. Second of all, it's this insane idea of "taking back" America from outsiders or "making America great again". America has always been a refuge for those seeking a better life for them and theirs. America would not and could not be great without its "outsiders". America has always been great for white cis males & it's time it was great for everyone who's sweat, blood & tears have created this nation. . . The essay is by @daniellesep & images by yours truly, we start off the new series with Elena of Avalor, Disney's first Latina Princess. Here she is going to Planned Parenthood to stand against the evil stepsisters of the GOP. If you're interested in finding out more or want to feature this, we have four more images & email is in bio! #disneyprincesses #princess #elenaofavalor #disney #plannedparenthood #womenofcolor #woc #gop #notmypresident #cinderella #illustration #graphic #artwork #maritzalugoart #illustrator #art #prochoice

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