These MAKERS Were Named Some of the Leading Global Thinkers of 2016

The real question is: What exactly would a list of leading global celebrities be without at least a handful of MAKERS on it? Incomplete.

Thankfully, Foreign Policy (FP) created a complete list with names of one hundred brilliant men and women from 2016 who "are proof that, as a society's pillars falter, individuals step in to bear the weight."

According to FP, these "honorees demonstrated how private citizens can ease the suffering of others. They subverted traditional power structures to craft solutions to social, economic, and environmental problems. They pledged personal wealth to create a safer, healthier future for all."

The names on the list were separated into categories: the decision-makers, challengers, innovators, artists, advocates, chroniclers, moguls, stewards, and healers.

Of those on the list, we found decision MAKER Hillary Clinton "for going high when others go low," and mogul MAKERs like Melinda Gates "for harnessing girl power" and Zainab Salbi "for channeling Oprah."

Read the complete list here.

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Photo Credit: REUTERS (L/R)/Getty Images (C)