These Two Women Just Made Your Flexibility Their Priority When It Comes to Your Perfect Job

Anna Auerbach and Annie Dean are co-founders and CEOs of their company, Werk, which is the first marketplace for jobs with pre-negotiated flexibility, Forbes reports.

The two claim more women would stay and advance in the workplace if flexibility came more easily and Forbes notes that "flexible work is the future of feminism."

Dean said her "aha" moment came when she went back to work post-baby and had trouble keeping it all together. She said she "started imagining what work might look like if it had been designed by women."

And so Werk came to life.

Auerbach describes Werk as "the only job marketplace where ambitious job seekers can find real opportunities, all with pre-negotiated flexibility. We productized six types of flexibility into our framework called the Flexiverse™, which members can use to filter by, so they know upfront if a job is compatible with their lives."

She told Forbes that 30 percent of women leave the workforce entirely after creating a family but that 70 percent of women would have kept working if they had the flexibility that Werk focuses on providing.

"When I started my career, my incoming class was 50/50 men and women — but when I looked up, it was only 5 percent women at the very top. And that number hasn’t changed in the 12 years since I started my first job," Auerbach told Forbes.

Werk searches to place women in a vast range of fields and help companies implement some program of flexibility with their candidates.

"Our long-term goal is for women to be equally represented where decisions are actually being made: in the boardroom, on set, in government and, someday, in the Oval Office," Auerbach and Dean told Forbes.

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