These Women Are Knitting Their Way to the Women's March On Washington

Hundreds of thousands of protestors are slated to participate in the Women's March on Washington on January 21, and many of them will be wearing knitted pink, cat-eared hats.

Better known as "pussy power hats," the knit caps began as an idea between two knitters in a Los Angeles-based shop, and quickly grew into a national sensation among feminists.

"Everyone can participate," said the project's co-creater Jayna Zweiman in an interview with The Huffington Post. Zweiman and her friend Krista Suh designed the hat simply, so knitters around the country could make their own for the march.

Despite its simplicity, the hat carries meaning that goes beyond making a strong visual statement, or directly calling out Trump's misogynist remarks. And since some, like Zweiman herself, can't attend the march in person, the hat serves as a way to symbolically attend.

"We're hearing from people who are saying, 'I just sprained my ankle and I'm sitting here watching Netflix and it's the best thing ever,'" Zweiman said.

The co-founding knitters have heard that knitting these hats helps both men and women with their "election-related anger and grief."

"For me, a lot of the magic lies in [saying], 'Hey women of the country, you might not think you're politically active, but you're already community organizing in your knitting groups and women's groups, you just don't call it that,'" Suh said. "We hope these hats will become a symbol long after the march."

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