These Women Say Men Should Just Have It All


Apr 22, 2015

These Women Say Men Should Just Have It All

Did you know? Only 93 percent of films released by major studios last year were directed by men! And only 70 percent of speaking roles in films are given to men. Using the shocking stats compiled by the Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media, a group of women in showbiz are looking to change this, rallying under the chorus: “We won’t relent until it’s 100 percent/it’s only fair that men should have it all.” 

The music video was produced by The Make It Fair Project, led by actress Patricia Noonan and writer/comedians Emily Tarver and Nadia Quinn. Their mission, stated on their site, is to call for “gender equality in the stories we tell, the wages we earn, and the future we shape…our first video involves a cast and crew of more than 70 women, underscoring the wealth of female talent that goes untapped.” So while men are thisclose to having it all, this group's satirical efforts will help ensure the statistics eventually balance out.

via Jezebel


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