5 Things That Stress Women Out During the Holidays

The holidays can be a joyful time, but also an incredibly stressful time with family demands, travel plans, and expenses.

According to a survey from the American Psychological Association, nearly half of all women in the United States experience heightened anxiety during the holidays, which puts them at higher risk of health problems to the body and mind.

With the help of GoGirl Finance, here are some of the things that stress women out during the holidays and few tips on how to lighten the load:

1. Travel Plans
Book early and consider flying at off-peak times or days. The same applies for other travel arrangements, not just flights. The holiday season is high season for many destinations, so book hotels, rental cars, etc. in advance.

2. Gift Buying
Buying presents sounds exciting, until you consider how much money it’ll cost. Make sure to set a budget early, compare retailers, and do your research. Shopping at off peak hours or online is better for your pockets.

3. Hosting Parties
Hosting and planning holiday parties can be super stressful but here's how you can make it a little easier on yourself: Make a dinner party a potluck and assign each guest a dish, or ask friends to bring a bottle of their favorite wine. This could help make your night a little easier.

4. Weight Gain
It's not impossible to stay healthy during the holidays but gaining those one or two pounds could have long-term effects. Be sure to exercise, drink water, and avoid going to cocktail parties hungry.

5. The Holiday Card Photo
Getting your family to come together for a photo can be a real struggle. Try taking pictures during the year before the holiday season or eliminate taking them at all.

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