The 10 Things Women Have to Deal With That Men Have No Idea About

Being a woman is rewarding but sometimes it's not always easy. We don't just wake up looking fabulous with a full face of makeup, nor do we love the possibility of not getting a job because we are of a certain age.

A recent Bustle post highlighted some surprising comments from Reddit that revealed how many men just don't understand what women have to go through.

But what is it that men don't understand about being a woman? Here's how the women of Reddit explain the things men just don't:

  1. The fear for our safety is real
  2. Sexual harassment starts young
  3. The lengths we'll go to in order to feel safe
  4. Age discrimination isn't just for Hollywood
  5. Pain is a normal part of life
  6. Having breasts isn't all it's cracked up to be
  7. How much work it takes to look like we haven't put any effort into our appearance
  8. The obligatory period answer
  9. How hard it can be to be taken seriously
  10. There really is a dark side to dating

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