Throwback Thursday: Lisa Leslie

As everyone's excited for the NBA finals, this week's #Throwback Thursday goes to Lisa Leslie

Leslie was the first woman to dunk in a professional game. While dunking has been a staple of the NBA, Lisa Leslie was the first woman to do it in the pros, taking a big step for the world's respect of female athletes. 

"Dunking is that separation between men and women's basketball. And if you can dunk, they're like okay we can give you a little more credit."

Growing up, Lisa played with the boys and they didn't pass to her - so she used to steal the ball from her own teammates to take shots. Eventually the crowd would yell at the team to pass to her, because every time she stole the ball, she scored.

She was six feet tall in the 6th grade and wore a size 12 shoe when she was 12 years old. And to this day, Lisa still stands out. In 2006 she went back to school to prove she's not just a ballplayer, but a brainiac as well. She received her MBA in 2008 and started the Lisa Leslie Basketbal & Leadership Academy.