Tig Notaro's New Documentary Shares Her Inspiring Journey

Comedian Tig Notaro is bouncing back from a devastating time in her life. Notaro was diagnosed with stage II breast cancer and days later, her mother passed away. In an effort to bounce back, she turned the pain into laughter in a stand-up set about her cancer.

She's sharing her story of how she picked up the pieces in her life in a documentary premiering on Netflix called "Tig."

"As soon as I was diagnosed, everything came over me as funny," Notaro says in the trailer.

"Losing everything in life so quickly made me uncertain if I’d live to even do stand-up again," Notaro told Entertainment Weekly"And because I love comedy so much, I wanted to do it possibly one last time, but didn’t feel like I could share anything less than the truth of my reality. I needed desperately to connect with that audience while trying to make light of it all."

Take a look at the exclusive trailer here, which begins streaming on Netflix July 17, and learn more about her story in the video above.

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