Bill Clinton Talks Hillary: "I Asked Her to Marry Me Three Times"

In a cover story interview with TIME, former presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush talk about the 2016 race to the White House. Clinton also shares intimate details about his relationship with wife and democratic presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton.

TIME's cover story, "Game of Thrones: Inside the most surprising couple in politics," was written by TIME's first female editor Nancy Gibbs, who has written more covers than anyone in the magazine's history (this is her 175th cover). 

In the article, Gibbs writes how Bill Clinton told Hillary not to marry him.

"I asked her to marry me three times before she said yes," Clinton recalls, "And the first time I said, 'I want you to marry me but you shouldn't do it.'"

He told her she was among the most talented people of their generation, and the most natural leader with the best command of the issues. He also advised her not to marry him, and instead pursue politics in either Chicago or New York.

Hillary Clinton's response to that?

"Oh my God … I'll never run for office. I'm too aggressive, and nobody will ever vote for me."

Read the full article from TIME here, and get to know more about Hillary Clinton by watching her MAKERS video above.

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