Toni Morrison Schools Stephen Colbert on Race

Toni Morrison Schools Stephen Colbert on Race


Nov 21, 2014

83-year-old award-winning author Toni Morrison made a hilarious and enlightening appearance on The Colbert Report on Wednesday. The Presidential Medal of Freedom recipient schooled Mr. Colbert on race issues in the US.

Morrison turned the tables on Colbert and hit him with a slew of jokes in his own studio. She started out by taking his interview script and reading through his questions. She commented quite humbly that she was surprised at how good her own book was. "I read 'Beloved' a couple weeks ago. I never read them after I finish them. I read it and... it's really good."

Colbert also brought up Obama's comment that her book "Song of Solomon" was a huge influence on his life. She responded, "I take full responsibility for Obamacare. I call it 'Tonicare."

And to see more Toni, watch the interview here.

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