Top 5 Moments for Women of Super Bowl XLIX

Top 5 Moments for Women of Super Bowl XLIX


Feb 2, 2015

1. P&G's ad asked, "When did doing something 'like a girl' become an insult?"

Though many people had seen P&G's #LikeaGirl campaign when it was first released in June, its 60-second Super Bowl debut made #LikeaGirl a trending topic on Twitter and scored the most social buzz of any ad during the Super Bowl this year. According to Adobe's analytics, the ad garnered the highest positive sentiment across social media mentions, too. This is great news for the first feminine care ad ever shown during the Super Bowl, and an encouraging sign for female empowerment efforts everywhere.

2. The NFL finally brought up domestic violence

While some people wondered whether the NFL's anti-domestic violence initiatives actually exist, the League's Super Bowl ad showed that they're doing something to change a culture of tolerance. The ad shows the empty rooms of a torn-apart house while a voiceover plays. It's a woman speaking to a 911 operator, only she can't say what she's calling about because her abuser is in the room with her. The ad is haunting, and it shows how hard it can be to speak up about domestic violence. The spot was produced by NO MORE, a coalition of anti-domestic violence and sexual assault groups that is now working with the NFL.

3. Estella's Bus highlighted everyday brilliance

Estella Pyfrom spent her whole life teaching underprivileged children and adults. Even after she retired, she still saw a need for better access to education and technology. So she stocked a bus with computers, making it a mobile learning station that gives kids the opportunity to learn skills they might otherwise miss. Microsoft honored Estella with an ad during the Super Bowl, culminating in a slogan that certainly rang true for Estella's efforts: empowering us all.

4. Katy Perry and Missy Elliott energized the entire stadium

In a pre-game press conference, Katy Perry promised her performance would celebrate female empowerment. While she wasn't exactly dancing in front of feminist banners, she definitely embodied the idea when she rode into the stadium on a gargantuan lion and sped across the sky on a shooting star (yes, literally). Special guest Missy Elliott brought even more energy with hits like "Lose Control," and "Get Ur Freak On." It's empowering to see a female duo command the crowd.

5. Sam Gordon provided a new perspective on the Super Bowl

Reporting for MAKERS, 11-year-old football phenom Sam Gordon shared her activities of the week, from meeting MVP Aaron Rodgers on the NFL Honors Awards red carpet to cheering her favorite team to victory at University of Phoenix stadium. The overall message? Girls can do anything boys can, and #GirlsLoveFootball. Maybe including our own campaign is a tad self-promotional, but we're not the only ones who found it inspiring!

Bonus: Two MAKERS, one ad. We were pleased to see Chelsea Handler and Sarah Silverman comparing imaginative mansions in their funny ad for T-Mobile.

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