Top Innovations for Women in 2016

There's no doubt that 2016 has been a complicated year for women, but despite its challenges, women have received support from various outlets.

In the spirit of the holidays, we are celebrating the new technologies and products that have given a lot to women this year. Inspired by Fast Company’s list of top innovations, MAKERS chose some of our favorites designed for women in 2016.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images


BELLABEAT | Bellabeat is a bio-tracker in the form of a versatile piece of everyday jewelry. On top of tracking steps, sleep, stress, and periods, it is also carefully designed to go with everything, and be worn all the time. Photo Credit: Facebook/BellaBeat

NAYA | Naya is a new breast pump technology, branding itself as smaller, quieter, and more portable than the average breast pump. The $1,000 device, still new to the market, uses a water-based, massaging technology that expresses milk from the breast, rather than often painfully vacuuming. Photo Credit: Getty Images

THINX | These high-tech period-proof underwear prevent leaks with an absorbent, antimicrobial layer of fabric, and are set out to take the taboo out of the most common biology phenomenon that women deal with. Not to mention, the garments are made to be as comfortable as regular underwear, and have an array of designs — from lacey, to high-waisted. Photo Credit: Facebook/ Thinx

MAVEN CLINIC | Maven Clinic is a telehealth company for women to connect with the proper healthcare they need. By working with professionals like lactation consultants, midwives, family doctors, obstetricians, physical therapists, and more, the resources provided through the company are set out to serve female patients. Photo Credit: Twitter/@MavenClinic

WHOOPI & MAYA SYNERGY | Whoopi Goldberg and partner Maya Elisabeth sell a collection of cannabis-powered options for menstrual relief, including medicated magnesium bath soak, raw sipping chocolate, and topical rub for localized pain and more.  Photo Credit: Facebook/ Whoopi & Maya

VINA | This "dating" app for budding female friendships connects women with similar interests. Similarly, the dating app "Bumble" recently announced a "BFF" feature for those who want to go from finding romantic partners to platonic friendships. Photo Credit: Facebook/ VINA

BARBIE | For Barbie's 57-year history, the famous doll's stick-thin body type has proven to be damaging to beauty standards for young women. That's why Mattel — faced with declining sales — revamped the Barbie prototype with different heights, body types, skin tones, hair textures, and more, boosting global sales by 44 percent. Photo Credit: Getty Images