5 Inspiring Iranian Women You Need to Know

Iran is currently holding parliamentary elections and critics are noting that the nation's path to prosperity is anything but clear, with an intense battle between pragmatists and conservatives.

In Iran, women still face unequal laws where married women must ask for their husbands' permission to leave the country, and unmarried girls still face much adversity as they are often bound to set expectations for their futures.

In honor of Women's History Month, we are taking a look at five amazing Iranian women who have made great strides in their fields, from space exploration to cyber security.

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Photo Credit: Epsilon/Getty Images


Anousheh Ansari is considered the first female space tourist and is the fourth private space explorer and the first astronaut of Iranian descent. In this picture, she is seen greeting her husband after landing from a space mission in 2006. Photo Credit: Alexander Nemonov/AFP/Getty Images

Sussan Deyhim was named "one of Iran's most potent voices in exile" by the Los Angeles Times. She was part of Iran’s national ballet company since age 13 and she has done vocals for numerous films including the Oscar-nominated movies "Argo," "The Kite Runner," and "Any Given Sunday." Photo Credit: Hiroyuki Ito/Getty Images

Dr. Nina Ansary's bestselling book, "Jewels of Allah: The Untold Story of Women in Iran" made her one of the first to portray achievements of Iranian women, with all proceeds going to charities supporting Iranian women. Photo Credit: Twitter

Dr. Pardis Sabeti is a computational geneticist who also performs as the lead singer of the alternative rock band "Thousand Days." Sabeti graduated from Harvard Medical School and her lab works with the Broad Institute of Harvard and MIT to focus on infectious disease research. Photo Credit: David L Ryan/The Boston Globe/Getty Images

Google Chrome's head of security is Parisa Tabriz. Her job is to protect the web browser from cyber criminals. The 33-year-old says she didn’t touch a computer until college. We think it's safe to say she's a rockstar. Photo Credit: Twitter