Twitter and Square CEO Jack Dorsey Says There Is No "Secret Sauce" to Hiring Women in Top Tech Positions

Silicon Valley is especially notorious for its underrepresentation of women, but Twitter and Square CEO Jack Dorsey doesn't play into that stereotype.

In an interview on Recode's Code Commerce on Tuesday, the Dorsey told the audience that 80 percent of Square reports to five women.

"It is sad that it's unusual," Dorsey said, referring to the fact that women only makeup 30 percent of tech staffers.

"We were looking for great people, and we found them. There wasn't any secret sauce to it," Dorsey said.

The top positions filled by women in the company range from head of engineering and register business, to chief financial officer, general counsel, and more.

"We went after people we thought were phenomenal, and these are the people we came up with and they are phenomenal," Dorsey said.

Watch the full video clip of Dorsey's interview in the video below.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images