The No. 1 Question That Tyra Banks and Chrissy Teigen Say 'Stop Asking Us!'

By Amy Elisa Jackson

They are supermodels-turned-talk show hosts and tremendously successful businesswomen. They have done umpteenth interviews on red carpets from New York to New Zealand. But there is one question they are tired — sick and freakin' tired — of being asked.

When are you having babies?

Tyra Banks and Chrissy Teigen will address this topic candidly on next Monday’s episode of their new hit daytime show "The FABLife."

"Just two years into being married, the questions come from all over," admits Teigen, wife of R&B singer John Legend. "John and I would have had children years ago if we could have but it's been a process. We've seen fertility doctors — so stop asking me!"

From the office to the grocery store, many women can relate to being faced with the invasive and often personal barrage of questions and comments: When are you having kids? Are you trying to have kids? Don't wait too long to have kids. The clock is ticking, you know!

Beyond this constant and inappropriate barrage, there's the challenge of facing fertility struggles while trying to keep your chin up at your work. There are constant doctor appointments, hormonal mood swings, and just a heavy weight looming. And most likely, there's no one to talk to about it, seeing that infertility and miscarriage remains a taboo topic and you don't necessarily want to your boss to panic at the notion that you're trying to get pregnant (and hence take a maternity leave).

Tyra and Chrissy are lucky they have each other to confide in — and that they're public figures who can use their platform to help others. (Mark Zuckerberg also tried to combat this with their pregnancy announcement.) But they are still not immune. In fact, this constant inquisition brought Tyra to tears. Watch the clip below.

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