The UN Member Countries Rally to Nominate a Woman for This Position

The UN Member Countries Rally to Nominate a Woman for This Position


Dec 3, 2015

Even at the United Nations, women are fighting for a seat at the table.

The president of the U.N. Assembly, along with over 40 countries, have joined forces to elect a female Secretary General at the international organization.

"In 70 years, the U.N. has never had a female Secretary General," announced Assembly President Mognes Lykketoft to the Security Council last month.

Currently, 42 countries have already rallied in support for the campaign to elect a new 'feminist' leader to the position.  

"I am absolutely confident that there are any number of potential female candidate," Lykketoft said.

The female candidate would be the successor to current Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon, whose term is expected to end next December in 2016.

According to Women in the World, member countries of the Permanent Five — Brittany, France, Russia, China, and the United Sates — must agree on a nominee to be voted on by all 193 member nations. The selection process will begin in early 2016 with the selected nominee announced mid-2016.

Many organizations including Equality Now, The Elders, Woman SG, and others have launched campaigns in staunch support of a female Secretary General in the leadup to the nomination process.

Former Assistant Secretary General Gillian Sorensen told ELLE magazine, "To have a female U.N. leader would be a historic change."

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