UNESCO Wants to Empower Educators On World Teachers' Day

Last week, Levo wrote about this new education initiative from Michelle Obama, #62MillionGirls, which is the number of young girls in the world that don't have access to education. It's a startling number, and sheds even more light on the importance of World Teacher's Day.

Today, UNESCO is honoring one of the hardest-working professions worldwide, and putting the focus on early childhood education (ECE). According to the UNESCO Institute for Statistics, the world will need up to 10.9 million new primary-school teachers by 2020 in order to provide universal primary education for all. And that doesn’t even touch on the lack of resources and funding for ECE, which is another factor in the persisting problem.

At UNESCO headquarters in Paris, a round-table discussion is expected to kick off today with talk about ECE and how exactly they’re going to attack the problem. Is it launching more worldwide programs like Teach for America? Is it insisting that education is global issue, like global warming? One thing they can agree on is that teachers must be recognized for their hard work. “World Teachers’ Day on October 5 highlights the fact that teachers must be empowered as a critical step towards quality education and sustainable societies,” according to the UNESCO website.

So how can you get involved? Take to social and share the message using the hashtag #worldteachersday. Or you can send your favorite teacher a quick email saying how much you appreciated the education they gave you. It really is what got you here today.

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Photo Credit: BSIP / Getty Images