Fighting Dark-Skin Prejudice One #UnfairAndLovely Selfie at a Time

Women of color are re-defining the word "lovely" with a new campaign dedicated to ending prejudice against women with darker skin.

Throughout South Asia and its diaspora, a preference for women with lighter skin is familiar and prevalent. The issue can also be seen in the booming $500 million industry for bleach creams such as "Fair and Lovely" designed to lighten the complexion of a woman's skin.


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Now three students, Pax Jones, Mirusha Yogarajah, and Yanusha Yogarajah at the University of Texas have fought back with their campaign #UnfairAndLovely.


#unfairandlovely | By Pax Jones

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In response to the campaign, dark-skinned South Asian women and women of color are sharing selfies and personal stories celebrating their brown skin tones and addressing the stigma against their skin. Some are also demanding an end to the prejudice they face, stemming from a history of Euro-centric beauty ideals imported during the colonial era in India.

The students' campaign coincides with "Reclaim the Bindi," week from March 8 to March 14th. Social media users created the week to voice issues against using symbols like the bindi (a red dot of red colored powder that is often worn between the eyebrows by married Hindu women) as costumes.

We've compiled a collection of some of the most inspiring and empowering images of these beautiful women who are #UnfairAndLovely:


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