"Unsportsmanlike Conduct" Explores College Athletic "Playbook" for Handling Sexual Assault

In an interview with Lenny Letter, author of "Unsportsmanlike Conduct: College Football and the Politics of Rape," Jessica Luther, discussed how her recently published "playbook" mirrors that of college athletic departments' playbooks for handling sexual assault.

Luther — a reporter, an alumnus of Florida State University, and dedicated FSU football fan — initially confronted this topic in 2013, when "rape allegations were made against FSU's star quarterback Jameis Winston" and her "love of her team ran into her responsibilities as an independent journalist who covered sports and culture."

And in her most recent publication, "Unsportsmanlike Conduct," Luther dives deeper into the issue.

"There are ways that the language of sports makes women inferior... There's always been an implication that to be good at sports, you have to be manly. Football is one of the most brutal sports that we have. So they're doing a thing that we code as masculine," Luther told Maggie Mertens. "And there are almost no women who participate in any part of the football process. That all matters, because one of the things about sexual violence is... it's a dehumanization of the person who is being violated. They're not seen as a fully human person. That's why you can do violence to them."

Listen to Luther's full interview with USA Today Sports to learn more about the book.

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