It's Official: USA Women Have More Olympic Medals Than Men, Again

As soon as Ashley Spencer crossed the finish line on Thursday, achieving bronze in the women's 400-meter hurdles, Team USA officially hit the 100-medal count, leading both China and Great Britain by a significant margin.

Now, the the U.S still leads with a final count of 121 medals, 46 of them being gold.

Spencer isn't the only female making this happen, though. This has been a groundbreaking year for American Olympian females in general, and the numbers prove just how much of an impact is being made.

Out of the 121 medals, U.S. women took 61, and the men had 55. There were five in mixed events, including equestrian and mixed-doubles tennis (NPR).

From the beginning, the U.S. team arrived in Rio with the largest women's contingent in Olympic history — 292 women to 263 men. The Los Angeles Times compared that to 1972, when only 90 of 428 athletes were female.

These wins continue a trend that began at the 2012 Olympics in London, when the U.S. women's teams took home more medals than American men, according to The New York Times.

The way media has been covering women follows suit in this, too. The LA Times found a study by University of Alabama Professor, Andy Billings, revealing that 58.5 percent of the NBC's prime-time telecasts were devoted to women — the most in history.

"It's just smart programming," Billings said. "Because we have such a progressive culture, we have a lot of the greatest women athletes in the world."

We linked every sport where Team USA women dominated in Olympic medals. And by the way, it was most of them.

Swimming - 17
Track & field - 12
Gymnastics - 5
Tennis - 2
Judo - 1
Rowing - 10
Shooting - 3
Wrestling - 1
Cycling (Road) - 1
Fencing - 4
Cycling (Track) - 5
Equestrian - 5
Weightlifting - 1
Beach volleyball - 2
Water polo - 13
Basketball - 12
Cycling (BMX) - 1
Triathlon - 1
Volleyball - 12
Taekwondo - 1

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