6 Awesome Video Game Heroines Who Can Rescue Themselves

The world of gaming has always seemed like a male dominated world.

However, according to a report from the Entertainment Software Association adult women make up 33 percent of the game-playing population. The report also showed that the most frequent female game player is 43 years old, on average. 

The portrayal of women in video games hasn't always been accurate, or empowering for that matter. For awhile it seemed that any female character in a video game needed to be rescued by a guy, or were visually depicted in a totally over-sexualized and unattainable way. 

Unless we're talking about physically saving the game, the following video game heroines don't need to wait around for some guy to save them from danger. Just in time for video game day on September 12, take a look at just a few of the awesome female video game characters who are breaking stereotypes in the gallery above. 

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Chun-Li | "Street Fighter" Aside from being one of the most recognizable fighting game characters, she's got an awesome back story. She's an undercover officer seeking revenge on the criminals who killed her father. Chun-Li is also the first female character in a fighter game, which has earned the title of "First Lady of Fighters." 

Princess Peach | "Mario" Series Yes, for the most part Mario and Luigi's mission in life is to save this iconic video game princess. However the roles get reversed in her own game, Super Princess Peach", where she's the one who has to save Mario after he gets kidnapped. Also, she definitely holds her own in any round of Mario Kart or Mario Party. 

Lightning | "Final Fantasy XIII"  There are tons of amazing and powerful women in the Final Fantasy franchise, however Lightning definitely sticks out. She is by far one of the strongest female characters across all the games. Plus she'd do anything for her family, which is also awesome. 

Faith Connors | "Mirror's Edge" Although she started out on the wrong side as a thief, she quickly joined the good side. Faith's incredible athleticism helps her navigate and fight back in this dystopian society.

Chell | "Portal" Chell is the protagonist of the widely popular "Portal" video game series. She's more of the strong and silent type with an unknown past. That obviously doesn't stop her from getting stuff done.

Samus Aran | "Metroid" Underneath all of that heavy duty armor is indeed one the strongest female video game heroines ever. She was definitely ahead of her time and paved the way for future powerful female characters. We love anyone who shatters gender stereotypes, even if they just exist in video games.