Vlogger With Cystic Hygroma Educates Us On What Real Beauty Is

Beauty Vlogger Marimar Quiroa is determined to educate her viewers.

But it's not just with tips and tricks on perfect contouring that drives the 21 year old — it's promoting self love and confidence no matter what you look like.

She was born with facial tumor called cystic hygroma — a fluid-filled sack that is caused by blockages in the lymphatic system, which when operating normally, drain lymph from tissues to the blood.

Because of this, she is unable to speak and instead signs in order to communicate. She also eats through a tube in her stomach, breathes through a tube in her throat, and is deaf in her right ear. 

"When I was young I'd talk to myself in the mirror," she signs. "I'd tell myself I was beautiful, I'd encourage myself and list things that were good about me. That's how I learned to accept myself for who I am."

Despite being in her first year of beauty school, Quiroa is quite the veteran. In fact, since posting her first makeup tutorial two years ago, she has gained more than 6 million views

"People comment on my videos telling me I am beautiful and they love my makeup," she said. "I have encountered negative people, both on YouTube and in my daily life."

But she makes it very clear that nothing can stop her. Along with maintaining her YouTube channel where all of her makeup tutorials are in sign language, Quiroa also wants to become a teacher for deaf children. 

Women's Rights News shared Quiroa's definition of beauty in the video below. In response, we're sharing MAKER Diem Brown's thoughts on the subject in our video player above.

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Photo Credit: Marimar Quiroa/ Facebook