Abby Wambach and Serena Williams Truly #DefyLabels in These Inspiring Ads

American soccer player and two-time Olympic gold medalist Abby Wambach and tennis superhero Serena Williams truly #DefyLabels in the latest ad campaign for Mini Cooper.

Wambach, who recently received her own Barbie at The 2016 MAKERS Conference, mentions that she's been called: a girl, a tomboy, a dyke, a lesbian, a butch, a b*tch.

"And I don’t care," she said, adding that those words don't truly define her individuality or how she plays her game. "They all are me, and they all aren't me."

Many people responded on social media, expressing their support for her empowering words:

Williams also contributed to the compelling campaign, and she drives home the point that she is much more than the labels thrust upon her — many of which don't make sense.

"Too strong," she says. "What does that mean? I — Don't — Know."

The sports sensations were part of a larger Mini Cooper #DefyLabels commercial on television broadcast during Sunday’s Super Bowl 50.

The catch phrase of the campaign? "Those who defy labels, define themselves."

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Photo Credit: Stacy Revere/Getty Images