Watch: A 26-Year-Old Hillary Rodham Went On a Life-Changing Journey

In August 1974, then Hillary Rodham, a 26-year-old lawyer and a recent graduate from Yale Law School made the decision to drive to Arkansas to be with her boyfriend, Bill Clinton after finishing up her work on the Watergate case.

According to the The New York Times interview, Rodham's landlord, Sara Ehrman, decided she was going to take the trip with her, in an attempt to convince her not to throw away her bright and promising future.

Though Ehrman was unsuccessful in her attempt to change now Hillary Rodham Clinton's mind, that trip in the "beat-up '68 Buick" was one that — while she may not have known it at the time — was truly life-changing.

After the two made it to Arkansas, and Rodham had gone on her way to be with her future husband and the future President of the United States, Ehrman cried, completely unsure of what the future would hold for her. Not knowing that this decision would lead her to where she is today.

"The trip 42 years ago offers a glimpse at a Hillary Clinton the public seldom sees," The Times wrote. "She was not yet a self-assured lawyer, a powerful political wife or a tenacious presidential candidate, but a young woman, wide-eyed and eager, vulnerable and afraid, at the cusp of a momentous decision that would alter the course of her life."

Watch the full interview with Sara Ehrman below to learn more about "The Road Trip That Changed Hillary Clinton’s Life":

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