Watch This Extremely Sweet and Powerful Video About How Feminism Is Passed Down

This video created by visual artist and producer Francesca Beltran is titled "Together We Rise" and features a young girl stumbling upon her grandmother going through her old suitcase filled with newspaper clippings, and her jacket and bandana from her days involved in women's activism.

Originally aired on January 21, at the Women's March on Washington, the film opens with a few lines from Hillary Clinton's concession speech: "Never stop believing that fighting for what's right is worth it."

"For me the film is a reminder that you’re never too young or too old to care, to do something, to have an impact," Beltran tells Mashable. "Younger generations often take for granted the things their parents and grandparents had to fight for, but eventually it's important to look back and appreciate."

As the granddaughter gains insight to her grandmother's activism over the years, the short film flashes forward to her leaving the house wearing her grandmother's activism jacket — as both raise a fist of resistance to one another through the window.

The jacket features a painting of mother earth on the back, and a "keep abortion legal" pin on the front. As she ties her hair up with her grandmother's pink bandana, another girl holding a sign approaches the bus stop and they smile at each other, both acknowledging what it means to fight for your rights.

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Photo Credit: Reuters