Watch Gloria Steinem and Amandla Stenberg Define Feminism... Together

In an incredible September issue dedicated to a #ForGirlsByGirls theme, Teen Vogue selected solely female photographers to work on the magazine that month — a first in the magazine's history — in an effort to empower creative women.

Among the photographers is Pamela Hanson, the woman behind the stunning photographs of Gloria Steinem and Amandla Stenberg — two inspiring women whose conversation about feminism offers a safe space for an important dialogue.

How do race, age, and sexual identity play into each individual's interpretation of the word?

See how Steinem and Stenberg work through the topic in the video below. And, don't forget to read the full interview.

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Photo Credit: Desiree Navarro/WireImage (L) and Emma McIntyre/Getty Images (R)