Watch "MAKERS: Once And For All"

Watch "MAKERS: Once And For All"


Dec 3, 2015

In September 1995, the UN Fourth World Conference on Women was held in Beijing, China. More than 47,000 outspoken activists and impassioned leaders hailing from almost every country, religion, and culture on earth came together in Beijing — and at the parallel NGO Forum — making it the largest gathering of women's advocates in history.

"MAKERS: Once And For All" is a feature film presented by AOL that tells the story of the Fourth World Conference on Women, Beijing 1995 as a watershed event in the global struggle for women's rights. With original interviews with subjects, including Hillary Clinton, and archival footage, the film captures the suspenseful months leading up to Beijing and the high-stakes drama of the event itself. Through the eyes of global leaders and grassroots women, it offers a window into Beijing's historic days, its impact, and its unfinished legacy. The feature documentary will memorialize this unprecedented moment in time and reignite momentum for lasting change.

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