WATCH: Meet MAKERS @Google

WATCH: Meet MAKERS @Google

By Dyllan McGee

Mar 7, 2013

Earlier this year, I had the opportunity to speak at the Women @Google Summit, a gathering of Google executives who came together to network, exchange ideas, and learn. The group that gathered was incredibly supportive of what we’re doing with MAKERS.

After my presentation, a number of people approached me and suggested great Google women I should interview about their contributions to the world through science and technology - women who have created startups, computer languages, world-class products, and even new fields of study.  This group was passionate about showing the critical contributions women have had and continue to make today in these technical fields with the goal of inspiring a new generation of girls (and boys) to go into computer science. 

I decided to work with some Googlers to tell their first “MAKERS @Google” stories – those of Pavni Diwanji and Sherry Listgarten.

These women are amazing.  Pavni’s contributions include being in the founding team for the computer language Java and leading the small team that created Google Apps for Enterprise, the email and document system used in most schools today.  Sherry led the creation of some of Google’s first infrastructure systems and is now busy connecting YouTube to other parts of Google.

I’m excited MAKERS is able to help Google share these stories of technical leaders making global impact and hope that these and other videos that we create as part of this series contribute to the larger goal of bringing more girls into technology and supporting women developers as they advance our work in the sciences and make positive impact on the world.

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